About Us

During his trips to Europe, Photographer and Folk Musician Michael Meade found a great fascination with stories of the Fae. His interest in Faeries, Fairies, or Faries (however you should decide to spell it) took him all around England in search of more information. He must have brought a few back with him in his pockets because it seems that they are around him all the time now. Around the same time Artist Elaine Guzman was Painting Angels, including her now famous "This Little Love Angel" which was originally a drawing to cheer a friend who was in the hospital, but has blossomed into many wonderful images. Elaine loves her art and nature photography but it is the Angels that guide her. When these two met, they found that they had more in common than their art. Both were widows from previous marriages, both had kids that they loved more than anything else, and they both had a spirit of adventure. They found a great joy in sharing their time together. They got married on a bridge in a park, and pooled their love of art into a small shop called Cheerful Dreams. This shop continues to grow, Michael with his Faries, and Elaine with her Angels they blended both into this spiritual product website. They hope you enjoy your stay, and find something wonderful.
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